Mentally Impaired Teenager Drowns In Pond

York Twp, OH - At approximately 4:43 p.m., the Sheriff's Office of Medina received a 911 call reporting a person had fallen through the ice of a pond.  The person, 19-year-old Brian Hanshaw, was a mentally impaired client of the group home and was being followed by two care-givers from that agency. Rescue crews located the teen and transported him to a local hospital. Hanshaw was later pronounced dead at Medina General Hospital.

The care-givers were attempting to talk Brian into returning to the home when he ran out onto the ice of the neighbor's pond located at 5721 Fenn Road.  Brian fell through the thin ice and went underneath the surface of the water.

One of the care-givers, Kelly Ranney, attempted to rescue Brian and went into the water after him.  She was unable to locate him and had to exit the water.  The other care-giver, Kristy Korinek, called the group home to report the Incident.  Erhart Fire and Rescue squad, Medina lst, Medina Twp, and units of the Sheriff's Office responded to the scene.

Deputy Locher arrived at 4:47pm and units of Erhart fire began arriving at 4:51pm.  As incident command was established, the Summit County Dive Team was requested to respond.  The Medina Twp Water Rescue Team arrived and initiated a search of the pond after donning dry suits.

After a search of the southern edge of the broken ice, the search team located Brian and brought him to the surface at 5:31pm.  He was then brought to the edge of the pond and taken to Medina General Hospital.  Kelly Ranney, was also transported to Medina General.  After attempting to revive Brian, he was pronounced dead at 6:12p.m. Friday evening.