Friday Night Double Homicide: One Arrested, Three Suspects Still Missing

Cleveland, OH - A double homicide in Cleveland on Friday evening has police looking for three men involved in a fatal shooting on Elmarge Avenue.

The first homicide occurred around 10 p.m., where police found 33-year-old Latwon Moore in a driveway on the 15300 block of School Avenue. He was stabbed in the chest multiple times.

Police arrested a 22-year-old suspect after turning himself in. The two apparently were arguing before the stabbing.

The second homicide victim was 28-year-old Marlon Allen.

Allen was shot and killed about an hour later than the first homicide on the 10500 block of Elmarge Avenue. Allen was visiting his child's mother at a duplex when he spoke with three other men on the first level. One of the three men pulled out a gun, fired several times, shooting Allen in the chest.

Police are looking for the three men involved in the second homicide.