Bellisari Leaves Jail After Serving 3-Day Sentence

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Former Ohio State quarterback Steve Bellisari (pictured, right) left jail on Monday after serving a three-day sentence for drunken driving, 19/43 News reported.

Bellisari was arrested in November after police said that he was driving while his blood-alcohol level was two times the legal limit.

Bellisari pleaded no contest to the charge, and he spent the weekend in a private cell in the Franklin County Jail.

The quarterback said that he's looking ahead to the future, and that he hopes his experience would serve as a lesson to others.

"Hopefully, they'll use me as an example," Bellisari said as he left the prison. "Don't do what I did."

In addition to the jail time, Bellisari's driver's license was suspended for six months, and he will have to undergo three days of alcohol treatment.