Steelers Star Makes Court Appearance In Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Pittsburgh Steelers player Plaxico Burress found out the hard way that you can't play around with the law in Cleveland.

First, he was busted for committing a no-no, and then he was a no-show in court, which prompted an arrest warrant to be issued for him. Finally, on Monday, Burress did show up for his court appearance, 19/43 News' Harry Boomer reported.

Burress didn't fight a charge of having an open bottle of beer in Cleveland's Warehouse District on Christmas Eve.

"We plead no-contest and accept the finding of guilty," Burress' attorney said in court.

The star wide receiver was supposed to be in court last Monday to answer the charge, but he didn't show.

His attorney said that last week's no-show was a misunderstanding, and that Burress had sent payment for the fine.

A Cleveland judge, however, didn't buy it and issued a mandate that Burress show up in court. Once all of the parties were there, it took the judge less than 30 seconds to satisfy the case against Burress.

Burress could have been fined as much as $250 and sentenced up to 30 days in jail, but he was only forced to pay $100 for his crime.