Representative Debbie Clary (R)

Representative Debbie Clary is currently serving her fifth term in the North Carolina General Assembly. She is a native of Cleveland County , and resides at Moss Lake . Clary is a former broadcaster in Shelby , where she owned and operated WADA Radio. Currently, she is a member of Millennium Marketing Group, Inc. MMG, Inc. is a full service marketing agency, with a concentration on internet marketing, web design and networking!

Rep. Clary's interest in government service initiated from her work with Talk Radio. Since beginning her work in the General Assembly, Debbie has been especially interested in legislation for the aging community. Her goals are to provide better health care choices that will be affordable for North Carolina 's senior citizens.

In 2002, Clary received the Home Care "Hero" Award from the North Carolina Home Care Association as well as in 1998; Clary was honored by NCALA as the "Legislator of the Year." The Association recognized Clary for her work toward making at home care instead of institutionalization, a priority in North Carolina. Debbie also received the 1998 Adult Day Care Associations highest award of recognition for her work toward making Adult Day Care available throughout North Carolina . Clary is working to channel the funding streams of public dollars toward at home care and adult day care. "It is my strongest belief that we can give the aging and disabled community a choice between being cared for in their homes or institutionalization and save tax dollars in the process."

The Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) Law was passed by Representative Clary in 1997. The law represents one of the most comprehensive licensing programs for teens in the country. Debbie received an award from the North Carolina Drivers Education Teachers Association for her sponsorship of the GDL law. Clary has also been recognized in several national publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, Time, and Parents Magazines for her leadership with highway safety legislation. In 2002, Clary introduced Step II of the GDL. The second phase will limit the number of passengers to "one unrelated person" that a young inexperienced driver can carry in their vehicle.

Law enforcement has also topped Clary's priority list for two consecutive years she was recognized as "Region C- Law Enforcement Legislator of the Year." The awards came after passage of the Clary bill which increased the penalty for assault on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon. Rep. Clary has pledged to go one step further, making it a felony to assault an officer.

In 2000, Clary was proud to be named as recipient of the Luther "Nick" Jeralds Award for her Advocacy and Commitment to the Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy.

Clary says that she will remain dedicated to an aggressive and progressive agenda for North Carolina senior citizens. "The past several years the General Assembly has focused only on children's issues. With the staggering population growth of elderly, our priorities must change to address the dire needs of the states most vulnerable elderly and disable adults and protect the health and education needs of our children."

"As your Representative, I've maintained a conservative vision, personal integrity and the political courage that it takes to make the right decisions for the taxpayers of this state.

I am a member of the State House that is committed to the ideals of limited government, free enterprise and lower taxes. My voting record is one of a true conservative and a good steward of your money. I appreciate your continued support of my service for you in Raleigh."