Representative Tim Moore (R)

Representative Tim Moore is currently serving his second term in the North Carolina General Assembly.  He was born and raised in Cleveland County and resides in Kings Mountain with his wife, Juli, and their two young sons.  Moore is a lawyer with the law firm of Flowers, Martin, Moore & Ditz, P.A. in Shelby where he has worked since 1995.  He has been active on a number of boards, committees, and civic groups including the Shelby Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, Life Enrichment Center's Board of Directors, and Cleveland County Partnership for Children.  He is a member of First Baptist Church of Kings Mountain.

During his first term in the North Carolina House of Representatives, Moore served as Co-Chair of the Child Abuse and Neglect, Foster Care, and Adoption Committee.  He was Vice-Chair of Judiciary II, and served on other committees.

Currently Moore is serving as Co-Chair of the Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform Committee and is Vice-Chair of Judiciary II.  He is also serving on the following committees:  Alcoholic Beverage Control, Appropriations, Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Financial Institutions, and Transportation.

During the 2005 long session of the General Assembly, Representative Moore introduced House bill 97, Terminate Parent Rights/Murder of a Parent, which passed into law and was signed by the Governor.  He sponsored the bill after being contacted by a Kings Mountain resident whose daughter was the victim of domestic violence and died under mysterious circumstance with the boyfriend charged with murder.  This new law provides the courts the ability to terminate the parental rights of parents who intentionally take the life of the other parent.

House Bill 94, Testamentary Recommendation of a Guardian, was adopted and signed into law. This law allows parents of an incompetent adult, for whom they provide care, to recommend a guardian for adult by will or other document. It allows families to better plan for the future care of their loved ones with special needs. A Cleveland County family who had a disabled family member recommended the bill. A companion bill, House Bill 58, Securities Transfer on Death, allows people to pass assets in stocks and other investment accounts by survivorship and save probate fees. Moore worked closely with the AARP to obtain passage and believes it was one of the high points of the session because it is one more step in eliminating the death tax in North Carolina.

As chair of the Elections Law and Campaign Finance Reform Committee, Moore sponsored House Bill 1115 and House Bill 1128 that aimed to strengthen campaign finance laws and increased disclosure to promote a more open and accountable election process, those bills have become law this year.

Both sessions Moore has sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act, House Bill 55, that calls for a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as a union between one man and a woman.  He will continue to fight for the protection of marriage and for the adoption of this bill.

Moore has also fought for the passage of the North Carolina Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which would result in dramatic tax reductions in our state, as well as the Small Business Tax Exemption that would give small companies many of the tax advantages enjoyed by large companies. This would provide an increase in employment in areas like Cleveland County where small business provides for the vast majority of jobs.

Even though the unemployment rate in Cleveland County has dropped this year, we, as legislators, need to continue to work hard to strengthen our economic environment in 2006 and beyond.

Education has always been one of his top priorities, and Moore will continue to help provide the best possible educational opportunities for our children and adults.

Moore strongly believes in supporting those in our military who make so many sacrifices for our great country.

"I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Cleveland County," said Moore.