Golf Outing Strippers File Lawsuit Against County

WOOSTER, Ohio - Two women are "teed" off after they were busted during what deputies described as a XXX-rated golf outing. So, the women are now suing Wayne County, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

Videotape that was shot by a Wayne County deputy was a key factor in the investigation. You see a woman sitting topless in front of golfers while a second woman pulls down her bikini bottom and flashes another golfer.

On another hole, two other women engage in a whipped cream-laced sex session. Deputies returned with cuffs and cruisers two hours later, and made seven arrests.

"I guess this is one of the tee boxes here," Wayne County Sheriff's Department Capt. Douglas Hunter said as he watched the videotape. "The girls would come and put on a show or do whatever, and they would receive tips from the golfers.

"They reported that there was some nudity going on. Some girls being nude and performing some sex acts."

Two of the seven women arrested -- Tiffany Thorn and Jennifer Donovan of Alliance -- fought the case, and were eventually acquitted. They still, however, were mad at the arrests, and they sued Wayne County, saying that they were victims of malicious prosecution.

The two women said in their suit that not all of the women who worked the golf outing that day were arrested. They said that at least one was let go because she had a personal relationship with a sheriff's deputy.

Until a couple of days ago, negotiations between the county and the women were ongoing, but county commissioners balked at a proposed $25,000 settlement.

An attorney for the county said that he plans to go to trial and ask for a dismissal of the case. The attorney for the women did not return a 19/43 News phone call.