A First For Cleveland's St. Patrick's Day Parade: Woman Sings

CLEVELAND (AP) - A North Olmsted man has kicked off Cleveland's
St. Patrick's Day parade with Ireland's national anthem for the
past five years.

But when Steve Mulloy told parade organizers that he couldn't
sing it this year because cancer treatments had weakened his voice,
he already had a replacement in mind. Organizers were more
skeptical because it's rare to find someone like Mulloy, who can
sing the song in Gaelic.

Mulloy recommended Katie Cooper, a 19-year-old vocalist, who
today will become the first woman in the parade's 140-year history
to sing the national anthem.

Cooper is the granddaughter of Irish immigrants, and Mulloy took
her under his wing when she asked him to teach her how to perform
at Irish dance competitions.