Beware: AT&T Posers Robbing Area Residents

Cleveland, OH - Michael McGrath, Chief of the Cleveland Division of Police, is cautioning citizens to beware of a group of males posing as AT&T workers and attempting to gain entry into east side Cleveland homes.

Two incidents, occurring six days apart, were reported to Cleveland Police this week. In each incident a group of two or four black males were able to gain entry into victim's homes by claiming they worked for AT&T and stating that they needed to review the victim's phone bill. In each case the victims permitted the men to enter their homes and then became victims of thefts.

Citizens are reminded to question service and company representatives before allowing them access to a home and should insist on seeing identification. Additionally, citizens should look for a uniform and a vehicle with a company logo on it. If there are any doubts as to whether or not the representative is legitimate citizens should call police and then call the company that the service people claim to represent.

In cases sush as these the elderly and people with disabilities are frequent targets. Caretakers and family members should remind their loved ones and those they care for of scams such as these and share with them the tips outlined above.