Missing Woman's Body Found Floating In Lake Erie

CLEVELAND – The body of a woman who had been missing for nearly a month was found floating in Lake Erie off the 9th Street Pier next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Wednesday morning, 19/43 News' Alicia Booth reported.

The body pulled out of the icy lake was positively identified as that of Patrice Boyer -- a mother and legal secretary who had been missing since Dec. 17.

The discovery of Boyer's body marked the beginning of a brand new investigation into how she died, and into finding out if there was any foul play involved.

Boyer, 29, was a secretary for a downtown law firm. Her abandoned car was found on the pier shortly after she disappeared.

She was a devoted mother to her 6-year-old daughter Patricia, who spoke with 19/43 News last month.

"I love her," Patricia said. "I miss her."

Patricia is the reason Boyer's family doubted that she would just run away.

Police reports filed shortly before Boyer's disappearance also raised a lot of questions. In them, a woman who apparently spent a lot of time with Patrice's ex-boyfriend claimed that Patrice was menacing her.

In another report, Patrice (pictured, above) said that the woman assaulted her and cut her forehead. It's a story that Patrice's 6-year-old backed up.

"I opened the door because I didn't want my mama to be out there alone," Patricia said. "I opened the door and came out with her."

Since 19/43 News' December interview with Boyer's family, people close to her said that police clearly stepped up their investigation, and were pursuing her disappearance as a criminal matter.