Man Charged After Son Shoots Thumb Off With Gun

EUCLID, Ohio – A local man has been charged with negligent assault after his 7-year-old son shot his thumb off with the man's gun, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek reported.

It was a close call Tuesday evening when a 7-year-old boy found his father's gun and pulled the trigger.

Police said that the Virgil Mobley, a security guard at the Federal Building in Downtown Cleveland, left his 7- and 15-year-old sons home alone at the Americana Apartments in Euclid while he went out for food.

That's when his 7-year-old son found the .38 caliber gun and pulled the trigger.

19/43 News was the only station to have the 911 tape of the incident early Wednesday evening. On the tape, you can hear the 7-year-old's teen-age brother frantically explaining what happened to the operator.

  • 911: "Tell me what's happening."
    Caller: "My littler brother just shot himself in the hand with a gun."
    911: "He shot off his what?"
    Caller: "His thumb."
    911: "Did he shoot himself in the head?"
    Caller: "No. He shot his thumb off."
    911: "OK, we're going to get an ambulance en route."

19/43 News tried to talk to Mobley on Wednesday, but got no response after a visit to his apartment and several phone calls.