Road Rage Game On I-77 Ends With Accident

RICHFIELD, Ohio – Police said that a case of road rage on Interstate 77 led to a dangerous game that ended in a 1-car accident, 19/43 News' Denise Strzelczyk reported.

Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to get 19-year-old Leonard Johnson out of his vehicle after he was involved in a game of chicken on the highway.

19/43 News had the exclusive video of the accident.

Police said that they are still searching for one suspect believed to be responsible for the crash -- the driver of the other car involved in the game.

"They were both driving about 80 mph, and one was running up on the other's bumper," Summit County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Scott Cuttie said. "The other guy would apply his brakes hoping to intimidate or scare the other driver off. In this case, neither one would give, and this is the end result."

The other driver never bothered to stop when Johnson's car spun out of control and slammed into a pole.

"We have a witness who saw it for almost 2 miles, and called us," Cuttie said. "He tried to follow the other driver, but she went well over 100 mph to elude him."

Police said that they are looking for a white female in her mid-20s to 30s that was driving a purple Mitsubishi Mirage. If you have any information regarding the crash, you are encouraged to call the Summit County Sheriff's Department.