Watch Sue's Weight Loss Journey

Sue, 47 years old, is a registered nurse who works as a operating room manager of scheduling. She's also busy at home, with two children and a husband. Finding time to take care of herself always came last.

"Having gastric bypass surgery was something that I needed to do for myself," says Sue. "It was time."

She was ready for a change. She'd been there, done that - and it didn't work. Trying diet after diet - a little weight would come off and then more would come back.

"I really thought about it and the reasons for doing it," recalls Sue. "I sat down and made up a list of the pros and cons, the good, the bad and the ugly. At one time, I worked in the operating room as a surgical nurse, so I understood the possible risks and what the surgery might involve. And I trusted the competency of the surgical staff.