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The Process

By considering bariatric surgery, you are making a decision that will completely change your life for the better. And for us, nothing is more satisfying than helping our patients. But the decision is both serious and personal. So we make every effort possible to provide a positive experience that answers all of your questions or concerns.

While every situation is unique, the typical process of becoming a patient follows this path:


Patient completes and returns the Medical History and Program Fee Policy forms (see below).


Walter Chlysta MD, FACS reviews patient profile.


Our office manager, Rose sets an appointment with patient.


Patient meets directly with Dr. Chlysta and Cathleen Crouse, RN to review surgery options and ask any questions.


If there is a decision to proceed, patient is scheduled for psychological evaluation to ensure safety.


Patient is scheduled for a nutritional evaluation that includes weight history, eating habits, attitude toward eating and suggestions for improvement.


Results of evaluations are sent to Dr. Chlysta for review.


Information is sent to the insurance carrier.


After insurance approval, a second appointment with Dr. Chlysta is scheduled. He will answer questions from the patient, weigh the patient and make sure nothing has changed.


Patient will attend a class with our program coordinator and dietitian to review what will happen in the hospital and what to expect at home after surgery.


A series of tests are scheduled. These include: EKG, chest x-ray, upper GI and labs.


Patient has a third appointment to review test results with Dr. Chlysta.


If there are no risks related to health complications, surgery is scheduled and the patient has a second nutritional consultation. If a problem is identified from results, the patient is sent to a specialist.


Day of surgery: A LAP-BAND® System procedure requires a hospital stay of one day. Roux-en-Y bypass requires typically two days.


Follow-up appointments with Dr. Chlysta two weeks after surgery, six weeks, three months, six months, at one-year anniversary, then yearly for the rest of your life.

We offer a very structured post-operative follow-up plan. In addition, to meeting with Dr. Chlysta regularly, we have a very competent network of independent support personnel including dietitians, psychiatrists, medical physicians, physical therapists and exercise physiologists.

Our results are usually excellent. In fact, we have higher success rates than the national average. Dr. Chlysta will discuss results with you personally at your appointment. You can even meet past patients at our monthly support group meetings and ask them about their experience and results.


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