Nicole Evans

One patient who lost more than 100 pounds in one year is Nicole Evans, an employee of Akron General. A medical secretary in surgery, where Dr. Chlysta works, Nicole said she made a life-changing decision when she opted for bariatric surgery herself.

"I was at my heaviest at 217 pounds, and at 5'1" I knew I had to do something. I had health issues including uncontrolled blood pressure at the age of 25." Nicole had the surgery in March of 2003, and a month later was off of her blood pressure medication. By March of 2004 she had surpassed her goal and was down to a weight of 140 pounds, where she remains today, even after the birth of her two daughters.

"Thanks to this surgery I am more confident, happy, more outgoing. I met my husband after the surgery-and my life has never been the same!"

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