Two Cuyahoga Elections Board Members face Removal Hearing

CLEVELAND (AP) - Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner today issued her formal complaint against Cuyahoga County's Republican elections board members, Robert Bennett and Sally Florkiewicz (FLOHR'-kee-witz). Brunner is alleging five reasons for their removal from office.

As the states chief election officer, Brunner says she intends to pursue removal of the two board members to help restore the publics trust and confidence Cuyahoga County elections.

Brunner praised elections board member Loree Soggs, who decided today to resign. Soggs is a Democrat. The other Democrat, Edward Coaxum Junior, resigned yesterday.

Brunner says the removal hearing officer is William Owen, an assistant prosecuting attorney in Delaware County. The hearing is planned for April second at Euclid City Hall Council Chambers in Cuyahoga County.

Based on that hearing, Brunner will rule on removal of the two board members.