Another Community Enforcing Cell Phone Law

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio – Like Brooklyn and Berea before it, North Olmsted now has a cell phone law intended to keep people off of the phone when they are driving, 19/43 News' Lynna Lai reported.

The law in North Olmsted is not as severe as the one in Brooklyn, but it is a step that many residents like.

Driving while talking on a cell phone in North Olmsted is only a secondary offense, which means that it's only illegal if doing this contributes to a traffic accident.

In Brooklyn, the law is so tough that drivers who are caught talking on a cell phone are pulled over and ticketed.

To Brooklyn Police officer Rich Hovan, it's not about stopping people from using what has become a common convenience rather it's a crusade to keep the streets safe.

"If we can save one life because of all this, then it's worth it," Hovan said. "We're just trying to make it safe for everybody."

Two years ago, Brooklyn became the first city in the nation to make using hand-held cell phones while driving illegal, and a stoppable offense.

Since then communities across the nation have established laws that encourage hands-free use instead.

"I believe there are just as many accidents now with cell phones as there are with drunk drivers," motorist Barb Anderson, who likes the new North Olmsted law, said.

"I don't think it's very good," motorist Jeff Ondich, who dislikes the law, said. "I think people can be responsible, and do it at the same time."