Gov. Strickland's Thoughts On Rest In Peace Act

Columbus, Ohio - Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today issued the following statement regarding the United States District Court decision that the fixed barrier provision of the "Let Them Rest in Peace Act" is constitutional.  Strickland filed an amicus brief in support of the statute in 2006.

"The families and loved ones of our honorable service men and women have earned the right to pay their last respects in peace and security.  Just as we honor the expression of free speech, we must also honor the sacredness of funerals and the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families.  I am heartened by the court's decision today, which protects families from disrespectful and hateful protests and honors the memories of our soldiers."

The United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, decided today that a fixed buffer zone to protect the sacredness of funerals and burials is constitutional.