Photographers Sue Hollywood Hotties Over Scuffle

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Two freelance photographers are suing Denise
Richards and Pamela Anderson, charging that Richards assaulted them
when they tried to take her picture and that the women lied about
the scuffle.

According to the lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior
Court, Richards and Anderson were at the River Rock Casino Resort
in British Columbia, Canada, on Nov. 9, 2006, to work on the
upcoming film "Blonde and Blonder."

When Richards saw Scott Cosman and Rik Fedyck taking her
picture, according to the lawsuit, she became enraged, called them
"paparazzi scum" and other names, assaulted them, seized their
laptop computers and threw the laptops over a hotel balcony.

The confrontation, which lasted more than 20 minutes, was
recorded by hotel security cameras, according to the photographers.
Afterward, they said, Richards and Anderson "made repeated
false and defamatory statements to law enforcement and various
media outlets which were deliberately calculated to embarrass,
humiliate and ridicule plaintiffs."

Attorneys and representatives for Richards and Anderson did not immediately respond Saturday to e-mails and phone calls seeking

The photographers, who seek unspecified damages, said the
incident caused them to lose revenue when clients abandoned them
and also caused them emotional stress.