Local Officer Loses Job After Threatening President Bush

CLEVELAND (AP) - A police officer tried to get his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend in trouble by writing letters threatening to kill President Bush and signing his name to them.

Instead, Patrolman William David got himself in trouble and lost his job.

The Secret Service said the 10-year police veteran wrote letters to federal and local officials, signed the boyfriend's name to the letters and put the boyfriend's return address on the envelopes.

The Secret Service traced the letters to David through his fingerprints.

David, 35, resigned from the police department four weeks ago, two days before he was charged in U.S. District Court. He pleaded guilty earlier this month to lying to Secret Service agents.

David could get as much as six months in prison when U.S. District Judge Donald Nugent sentences him March 12.

Assistant U.S. Attorney William Edwards declined to say why David was charged with lying to the Secret Service, but not with threatening the president.

"I'm not going to get into that," he said. "We get all kinds of threats. Some we prosecute, and others we don't. It depends on the totality of the circumstances of each case."

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