Edwards Family Insists Campaigning Continue

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards is
forging ahead with his campaign with an appearance in San Francisco
today. He's scheduled to discuss his global warming policy.

The appearance comes days after he and his wife announced that
her cancer had returned. Yesterday, in an interview with C-B-S's
"60 Minutes," Elizabeth Edwards said that the doctors detected a
"hot spot" in her right hip in addition to cancer found in one of
her ribs.

John Edwards said he doesn't want sympathy votes just because
his wife has cancer. He says the vote for the presidency is "far
too important" to be influenced like that.

Elizabeth Edwards makes an appearance today in Cleveland. There,
she'll talk about her struggle with cancer.

One of John Edwards' Democratic rivals is sidestepping questions
about whether the couple might be able to cope with both a family
medical crisis and the demands of the White House if Edwards is

Hillary Rodham Clinton, at an Iowa town hall meeting aired by
A-B-C this morning, said the Edwardses should decide "the best way
for their family to handle this crisis." She says Elizabeth
Edwards is "an incredibly strong woman."