Local Girl Aces All 3 College Entrance Exams

CLEVELAND (AP) - A Cleveland area girl had perfect scores on all three major college entrance exams. Experts said that the odds of accomplishing that feat are incalculable.

Tamara Broderick, of Parma, got the highest scores possible on the SAT, ACT and PSAT. In comparison, last year only 160 students nationwide aced the ACT and 587 for the SAT.

Broderick's accomplishment is "special," says Theodore O'Neill, dean of admissions at the University of Chicago, which has had 73 Nobel laureates.

The 16-year-old is a junior at Laurel School and said that she's amazed by the results. She said that she hasn't decided where to go to college, but said that she's considering majoring in math or science.

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