Editorial: The Campaign Goes On

Cleveland, OH - Elizabeth Edwards was in Cleveland this week making her first appearance since announcing that she and her husband would continue their campaign to get him elected president despite her incurable cancer.

It's hard not to admire someone who can so selflessly sacrifice her own well-being to soldier on in a noble cause. But, am I the only one who feels just a little uneasy that former Senator John Edwards, the democratic candidate for president, has no problem with  this decision - made not just by his wife but agreed to by him as well?

In their joint interview with Katie Couric, John and Elizabeth said they never considered cancelling or postponing their campaign. They went on to say they were equally un-concerned that their two very young children might be apart from their mother perhaps in her final, healthy days. To me this is a story not only about self-sacrifice and public service, but lets face it, it's also about the single-mindedness and yes, the raw ambition  of the former Senator, which is something that may be required of him or anyone else who dares to seek the presidency.

It may well be absolutely necessary that health and family not come first in pursuit of the highest office in the land. Just another reason to wonder why anyone would want the job.