Editorial: Iranian Hostage Crisis

Cleveland, OH - Well, here we go again. Another Iranian hostage crisis - only this time instead of US Embassy personnel, it's British Marines and Sailors accused by the regime in Tehran of illegally trespassing in Iranian waters.

Predictably, the British captives have been interrogated, paraded in front of cameras and at least one coerced into a confession. No one with any knowledge of the region or the Iranian mentality believes that the seizure was justified. It is yet another provocation by the Iranian Mullahs who enjoy thumbing their noses at the west. But whose government is also interested in diverting attention from its true mischief in creating nuclear weapons and fomenting continued unrest in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.

So, far, London has responded with nothing much more than diplomatic paper rattling and that's an approach too weak for the situation.  A naval blockade of the Persian Gulf is the only response the Iranians will understand and it's the one they deserve.