Police Still Looking For Deli Clerk Killer

CLEVELAND – Police officials said that they are still searching for the gunman responsible for the murder of a deli clerk over the weekend, 19/43 News reported.

John Yahya, 39, was shot in cold blood on Saturday night for not coughing up any cash from his register during a robbery attempt at the Madison Deli.

"The guy shot him in cold-blooded murder because he could not open the cash register to give him the money," a witness said.

Yahya's friends and family members, including his cousin Fapuzi Baddour, were shocked by the murder.

"I had some hope," Baddour said. "I saw the ambulance. You see the ambulance and you think he's maybe treatable. Then, when I saw the ambulance leaving and the coroner coming, my heart just closed."

After hearing the news, many regular deli customers flocked to the West 89th Street and Madison Avenue store, where they left flowers and notes.

According to investigators, two hooded males wearing scarves demanded money from the store's lotto cash register. When they didn't get any of the cash, they hit Yahya in the head with a gun. Before leaving with no money, they shot Yahya in the chest.