11-Year-Old Hero Saves Her Father's Life

AMHERST, Ohio – A Lorain County man came close to death after having a seizure the other day, but he survived thanks to his hero daughter, 19/43 News' Bill Younkin reported.

Scott Silvasy said that he has always believed in guardian angels, but until recently, he didn't know that his 11-year-old daughter, Mackenzie Silvasy, was his. Mackenzie's quick thinking more than likely saved her father's life.

"She's my hero," Scott said.

Mackenzie was upstairs getting ready for school while Scott was in the kitchen eating breakfast. She heard a loud noise. Her dad had collapsed, but fortunately, she knew what to do.

"I came downstairs and my dad was having a seizure," Mackenzie said. "He was shaking really bad."

Mackenzie knew to call 911 at once, which is fortunate for her father because his life depended on it.

  • Dispatcher: "911."
    Mackenzie: "Hi. My dad just had a seizure."
    Dispatcher: "Is he breathing right now?"
    Mackenzie: "I don't know. Dad? Dad? Dad?"

Mackenzie did everything the dispatcher asked, rolling her dad on his side and actually clearing food from his mouth. When seconds turned to minutes, she began to worry.

"I was afraid that I would never see him again, or he would die," she said.

The next thing that Scott could remember is being worked on by paramedics.

"My first concern was where's Mackenzie -- where's Mackenzie?" Scott said. "The paramedics said, 'You don't have to worry about her. She's got everything under control.'"

Mackenzie did have everything under control, but she's convinced that she had some help.

"Somebody was watching over us," she said.

Scott said that he would be undergoing some medical tests in the next few weeks as doctors try to determine exactly what caused his seizure.