Iraqi Student Waiting On Request To Stay In Ohio As Refugee

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) - A year and a half ago,
17-year-old Omer Kassim came to Cleveland Heights to study as an
exchange student.

He's since finished high school, and while his family is still
back in Iraq, they are encouraging him not to come home.
Kassim is awaiting a hearing on his request to stay in the
United States as a refugee.

He says if he goes home, there's a real threat that he could be
kidnapped or killed like other Sunnis from his neighborhood.
There are currently only around 500 Iraqi war refugees in the
U-S, but Kassim is hoping to stay and that his family can join him

Cleveland immigration lawyer Susan Saliba helped the teen file
paperwork seeking asylum and says he would most certainly be in
danger if he went back to Baghdad.