Biden Discusses Iraq War In 2 South Carolina Speeches

SUMTER, S.C. (AP) - Democratic presidential hopeful Joseph Biden
found a ready critic for his own criticism of the U.S. war in Iraq
as the senator campaigned Saturday in the hometown of Shaw Air
Force Base.

The Delaware Democrat said he has been right to criticize the
Bush administration for its handling of the Iraq war. He told a
crowd of about 60 at the University of South Carolina-Sumter that
he is the only presidential candidate with a real political
solution for the war.

But when Biden turned to the audience for questions, John
Stevens, 79, a disabled Air Force veteran of the U.S. conflicts in
Korea and Vietnam, had his own criticism to offer.

"The war's being lost in Congress by the people who give aid
and comfort to the enemies that are killing our troops," Stevens

Biden said the problem in Iraq isn't a lack of support at home
for American troops. He said he has pushed plans to properly equip
troops, in part by providing mine-resistant vehicles made in South

U.S. soldiers have been asked to remain enmeshed in what's
become a civil war that requires different tactics, Biden said.
"We went to war with too few troops," Biden said. "Not a
single general disagrees with that."

Biden also addressed the Iraq war in remarks to the South
Carolina Manufacturers Alliance at The Sanctuary, a pricey Kiawah
Island resort.

"It was a powerful speech," said Lewis Gossett, alliance chief

Biden didn't talk about his plans to roll back tax breaks for
the nation's wealthiest people.

"The reception might not have been as good for that," Gossett