Cleveland: Police Sgt. Indicted

CLEVELAND - Michael McGrath, Chief of the Cleveland Division of Police, announced that a Cuyahoga County Grand Jury returned an indictment today against Cleveland Police Sergeant Brian Lloyd #9976 alleging Theft in Office, a felony of the third degree. Sgt. Lloyd, who was assigned as an investigator in the Office of Professional Standards, is accused of misappropriating $6,325.12 over a 30 month period and has been the subject of an Integrity Control Section investigation for nearly two years.

Sgt. Lloyd, a 13-year police veteran, was one of 24 police officers investigated by the Internal Affairs and Overtime Review Units after an internal audit by the Cleveland Department of Finance uncovered irregularities involving officers being paid for working tours of duty with the Division of Police while simultaneously being paid for working at the Ampco Gateway Parking Garages located at 650 Huron Rd. Sgt. Lloyd is the first officer to face criminal charges as a result of this investigation.

Of the 24 officers investigated, 19 faced administrative charges and the case against one officer was unfounded. The officers that faced administrative charges were given Verbal Warnings and/or Letters of Re-Instruction. Cases involving two officers have been turned over to City Prosecutor Victor Perez for review. The investigation into one officer is ongoing.

Sgt. Lloyd will be suspended without pay pending the disposition of the criminal charges against him. The suspension is in accordance with provisions spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement between the City of Cleveland and the Fraternal Order of Police.