Investigators On Scene Of Fatal Market Explosion

CLEVELAND - One man died and another man was badly burned in a market explosion on Cleveland's eastside on Wednesday, 19/43 News' Harry Boomer reported.

Arson investigators were on the scene at East 125th Street and Locke Avenue trying to figure out what exactly happened.

The explosion and subsequent fire began at just after midnight at Nick's Superette, a neighborhood grocery store.

"It was real loud," witness Burnella Warren said. "We were sleeping and heard a loud boom. We ran outside and there was a big ball of fire coming out of the front of the store."

"The house shook," witness Sara Allen said. "It had to be a big bomb."

Police said that it wasn't a bomb, but suspect two men of arson -- the injured man and the man who died after being buried in debris.

The building was partially destroyed making it unsafe to search. Authorities tore down much of what remained, so that firefighters could go in safely. That's when they found the body of the suspected accomplice.

According to neighborhood resident Tom Dudley, Nick's Superette has had its share of problems recently, mostly with robberies.

"Two days ago, (the suspects) broke into the store and stole cigarettes and everything," Dudley said.

Some people in the neighborhood said that market owner, Ali Alnagada, has been disrespectful in the past, but Alnagada said that he has no idea why someone would torch his store.

"I don't know why anybody would do this," he said. "I just got off of the freeway and saw this. I don't know what's going on."