North Canton Looking To Find New Tenant For Hoover Plant

NORTH CANTON, Ohio (AP) - Civic leaders in North Canton say the sheer size of the 85-acre Hoover campus will make it hard for economic developers to find a new tenant after the vacuum cleaner maker pulls out.

Hoover's new owner said last week it will close the main campus and some manufacturing operations by fall, resulting in 750 job cuts in North Canton, the northeast Ohio city where Hoover has been based for nearly 100 years.

Some local real estate agents say the Hoover plant may be best suited for distribution and assembly work. But they caution people not to expect new tenants to move in immediately after Hoover pulls out.

The closing will affect about 650 union manufacturing positions and 100 salaried jobs, according to Hong Kong-based Techtronics Industries.

The company acquired Hoover earlier this year from Whirlpool.