'Miracle Child' Survives 5 Days With Dead Mother

ELYRIA, Ohio - A 21-month-old baby survived nearly five days trapped inside his home after his mother suddenly died, 19/43 News' Harry Boomer reported.

The incident happened at the Sherwood Forest apartment complex on Georgetown Road in Elyria.

Karen Crisp called her baby boy, Allen Shackleford, a "miracle child" because she had him when she was 42 years old. This past week, however, Allen really did pull off a miracle when he survived inside a locked apartment for nearly five days after his mother suddenly died.

"This little boy had tried to find food apparently," Karen's father, Herman Larkins, said. "There were cans of food on another sofa."

Authorities said that it appears Karen passed away sometime on Friday, and that she died before she could call for help. Larkins said that it looked like Karen was getting Allen ready for bed.

Larkins and Elyria Police found Karen's body on a couch after they forced their way into her apartment on Tuesday morning. Larkins took his grandson to EMH Regional Medical Center, where the medical team found him to be hungry and dehydrated.

Allen was transferred to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, where he was released on Thursday. His aunt took him home, and 19/43 News was able to get exclusive video of the healthy baby boy.

Larkins said that his daughter had called off from work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and that she had asthma and another lung condition. The coroner said that an autopsy has been completed, but no definitive ruling has been made on her death.