Editorial: New Teenage Driving Law

Cleveland, OH - One of the problems with this country is that we pass too many laws - many of them inspired by politicians eager to appease special interests, but a new law went into effect in Ohio last Friday that breaks the mold - it actually is beneficial and long overdue.

It's a law that would restrict teenage driving privileges. The law says that no more than one non-family member can be a passenger in a car driven by a 16-year-old unless a parent or guardian is present. It also bans 16-year-olds from driving during the hours of midnight to 6AM - peak hours for teenage auto accidents.   It remains to be seen, of course, if these new restrictions are enforceable but I hope that they are.

The plain fact is that most 16-year-old kids are not mature enough to pilot automobiles which is why their insurance rates are so high. Insurance rates paid by parents who would better serve themselves and the rest of the motoring public by not being so eager to turn over the keys to little Jane or Johnnie. Maybe this new law will help.