Fact or Fiction # 6

MYTH: The Science of Global Warming is Too Uncertain to Act Upon

FACT: There is no debate among scientists about the basic facts of global warming. The most revered names in the scientific world have firmly stated that global warming is happening - and people like you and me are causing it by doing things like burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests.

In an joint statement issued by the US national Academy of Sciences and ten other National Academies of Sciences, "the scientific understanding of climate change is now sufficiently clear to justify nations taking prompt action. It is vital that all nations identify cost-effective steps that they can take now, to contribute to substantial and long-term reduction in net global greenhouse gas emissions." (Joint Statement of Science Academies: Global Response to Climate Change, 2005)

However, there is an ongoing debate in the scientific community about how much - and how fast - warming will continue as a result of heat-trapping emission. Scientists have given clear-cut warnings about global warning so we can become part of the solution - instead of the problem - immediately.