Fact or Fiction # 3

MYTH: Global Warming and Extra Carbon Dioxide Can Help Reduce Cold-Related Deaths and Stimulate Crop Growth

FACT: The bad far outweighs any good to come of global warming. Even a slight warming trend would have devastating implications on many parts of the economy. Rising sea waters could flood coastal communities, contaminate water supplies with salt and increase the risk of storm surge flooding. Millions of people around the globe would feel the effects. Also, severe weather events like extreme heat, droughts and floods are predicted to become more frequent and more intense.

Even though higher levels of Carbon Dioxide could double as a plant fertilizer under some conditions, scientists now believe that the so-called "CO2 Fertilization" effect on crops has been overstated. Meaning that in natural ecosystems, the fertilization effect can decrease after a few years as plants grow accustom. And think about this - higher levels of Carbon Dioxide may also benefit unwanted and undesirable weeds!

Increased levels of Carbon Dioxide have already wreaked havoc on ocean acidification so much so that scientists are warning of potentially devastating effects on marine life and fisheries.