Fact or Fiction # 8

Myth: We Can Adapt to Climate Changes as We Have in the Past

Fact: It's true that we as a people have survived many climatic hardships but let's not forget that entire societies have been wiped out from dramatic climatic changes. The current warming trend will not go unnoticed. We are already seeing major effects from today's global warming which is caused by greenhouse gas pollution. The climate has changed in the past and societies have survived but in today's day and age, six billion (yes, Billion!) depend on an interconnected ecosystem and complex technological infrastructure.

So unless we limit the amount of heat-trapping emission we are putting into the air, we will face a warming trend unbeknown to human civilization - one that started 10K years ago.

The repercussions of continued warming at the current rates will have dreadful consequences. Many heavily populated areas - like low-lying coastal regions - are very susceptible to climate shifts. A modest guesstimation is that the homes of 13 to 88M people worldwide would be flooded by the sea each year in the 2080s. Not surprisingly, poor countries and small island nations will have the most difficult time adjusting.

A lack of food and water could possibly lead to huge problems with wide ripple effects worldwide. Even if people find ways to adjust, plants and wildlife may be unable to do so. So even if the world itself stays intact, the world as we know it may disappear before our eyes.