Browns Included In Eagles Cheerleaders' Lawsuit

PHILADELPHIA – The Cleveland Browns are included in a lawsuit filed by former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders who found a peephole from the visiting team's locker room at Veteran's Stadium to the cheerleaders' locker room and shower, 19/43 News reported.

The former cheerleaders, including former head cheerleader Suzette Walsh, said that they were hired to entertain fans at the game, not grown men in the locker room.

"We feel humiliation, embarrassment," Walsh said. "It's degrading."

Walsh is now leading the lawsuit against 29 NFL teams -- all of the teams that played at Veteran's Stadium in the past decade. She claimed that, for years, visiting players watched the cheerleading squad change and shower through peepholes in the doors separating the two locker rooms.

"These players need to be uncovered and exposed," Walsh said. "Their friends and families need to find out what kind of people they are, and what they've done."

The NFL refused to comment, except to say that there is an ongoing investigation. Some of the players, however, are talking.

"Yeah, you could see into their shower room, and some of the guys knew their schedule -- when they went out and warmed up," former Chicago Bears player Mike Wells said. "Guys were like, 'Come on. You've got to see this.'"

There have been reports that players got into shoving matches to try to get a better view of the ladies. It was considered a perk of playing in Philadelphia.

So far, at least 78 former cheerleaders have joined the lawsuit. They're looking for money, an apology and for the players to be punished.