Water Shortages on the Horizon?

Water has a huge impact on grape cultivation. Therefore, changes to the water supply are a likely consequence of global warming. Water is a high priority to the co-founder of Saintsbury Vineyards, David Graves. A plan is currently in the works to use recycled water from sanitation districts for its irrigation.

Graves: "One of the big problems that might present itself would be volatility of water supply. When I read about things like the drought in the Grain Belt this year, that's scary. If periods of drought become longer and more severe, that's where I start to think the recycled water issue becomes a way to have a kind of insurance policy."

Drought preparedness is a smart business choice. Consider this, from '98 to 2004, below-normal precipitation levels and high temperatures contributed to the most severe drought in the Western US in 80-years - and one of the most severe in 500-years! Global warming is expected to bring on more frequent and severe droughts over time.