Why Be A Green Consumer?

When buying green, you save money, energy, your planet, and yoru water supply. Here are some reasons why you should be a green consumer.

  1. Green products easier on the world

It is like buying a laundry detergent with fabric softener combined instead of detergent only. Everything becomes a little softer.

Green products take less resources to produce, meaning less time to breakdown during the recycling process.

2. Green products usually donate money to other programs

Products that help the environment usually help raise funds for other environmental groups. Make sure the product you are buying is giving part of the money to the a GOOD green group, and avoid groups that actually have a bad product but are trying to make it look good.

3. You show the world you care

By buying green you are setting a trend, a greener trend. The items you purchase show the makers what you like and what your standards, values, and ideals are all about.