Patriotic Colors Will Adorn Super Bowl Footballs

ADA, Ohio (AP) - The footballs for this year's Super Bowl will have a patriotic flair.

A silver, blue, and red outline of the United States will adorn the footballs for the game on Sunday in New Orleans.

The balls are manufactured at the Wilson Sporting Goods factory in northwest Ohio. It's the only football factory in the nation and has been operating since 1955.

The plant began cranking out the balls on Sunday after New England and St. Louis won to advance to the Super Bowl.

"You'll definitely see it," said Jody Nichols, spokeswoman for the football maker. "It's bright."

Wilson will send 72 footballs to New Orleans on Wednesday for the game.

The factory, which employs 150 workers, makes more than 700,000 footballs each year.

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