Earth Day is Today: Events Planned for EarthFest 2007

"Climate Change Solutions"

Sunday, April 22, 2007
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

One of the greatest Earth Day celebrations on the planet takes place right here in Northeast Ohio. EarthFest is Ohio's largest environmental educational event and one of the longest standing and most successful Earth Day events in the country. EarthFest is a fun and educational event that offers an opportunity to learn about the many environmental issues that face our community while enjoying the backdrop of fun activities and great entertainment. The theme of this year's EarthFest is "Climate Change Solutions." We partner with our sponsors and over 135 exhibitors to bring you the latest in solutions to this important global concern.

For an EarthFest 2007 event flyer:
To download a general 2007 event flyer click here.

Guide to The Green Scene
Green Pages Environmental Resource Directory for Agencies, Organizations, EcoMarket Place Section of the Guide to the Green Scene. Preview some of the organizations that will participate in EarthFest 2007.

The EarthFest 2007 image is the Ohio bobcat. Bobcats range from southern Canada into Mexico, but are very rare in Ohio despite being a native cat. You probably haven't seen one recently, but sightings are increasing. The bobcat is a large cat weighing between 10 and 30 pounds with a short, stubby bobbed tail (about 4-6 inches long) and very distinctive ear tufts. Bobcats are crepuscular (mainly active in late evening or early morning) and are territorial solitary hunters with a home range of 10 square miles or more. Bobcats like areas with thick undergrowth, mixed forest, brush, or farmland.

In 1997, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife, began monitoring the presence of bobcats in Ohio, using a combination of field surveys and follow-up investigations of sightings. The bobcat is presently on the Ohio Endangered Species List and is given full protection under Ohio wildlife laws.You can learn more about the bobcat by downloading ODNR's bobcat map, abundance and distribution map, and, 2006 annual bobcat report. You can proudly proclaim the return of the Ohio bobcat with an EarthFest 2007 t-shirt or a poster-just click above. Information from Wild Ohio Magazine and ODNR-thanks to Dave Swanson.

Bicycle Valet Parking
Ride your bike to EarthFest and use the free, secure, valet bicycle parking provided by the Ohio City Bicycle Coop right at the Hippo Lot! Check it out.

EarthFest 2007 Entertainment Schedule
Party With the Planet Featuring Free Times Award Winners. Be sure to visit the Amphitheater Stage where we'll have live entertainment all day!
12:00 - 1:00 Chittlin'
1:15 - 2: 15 VA dare
2:30 - 3:30 Mifune
3:45 - 4:45 The Jack Fords

Children's Area Entertainment, the following performances will take place at the Children's Area in the Primate, Cat & Aquatic Building.
1:00 Radio Disney
1:00 OooEeee Teen Talent Troupe
2:00 OooEeee Teen Talent Troupe
3:15 Foster Brown singing performance