Thousands of New York Youth Mark Earth Day

NEW YORK (AP) - Thousands of children in New York State are marking Earth Day this weekend by fund-raising and by learning more about environmental issues.

The efforts are sponsored by the Children-for-Children Foundation, a group organized by parents to foster social involvement and environmental awareness in young people.

One 12-year-old participant who's spending the weekend encouraging others to recycle says he thinks his efforts will make a difference. Jevon (juh-VAHN') Elliott says if people don't

conserve more, the Earth will probably get hotter and hotter from global warming and, as he puts it, "We'll basically bake ourselves in, like, 50 years."

Children-for-Children director Sara Garlick (SAH'-ruh GAHR'-lik) says young people feel empowered when they're able to help out with environmental causes.