Man Carjacked In Massachusetts Turns Up In Ohio

BOSTON (AP) - A lawyer from Weymouth, Mass., who called his wife Monday morning to tell her he had been carjacked on his way to work was found unharmed more than 800 miles away in Ohio on Monday night.

Stephen LaCommare Jr. left his home at about 6 a.m. in his dark brown 1996 Saturn SL to make the short commute to his Quincy office at Morisi & Oatway.

He called his wife, Katherine, about 9 a.m. to tell her he had been abducted by two men who said they needed to get to Ohio. Police traced the cellular phone call to the Greenfield area.

His wife said that the suspects allowed him to call her because he told them he had a 10-day-old baby at home.

LaCommare, 34, was found at about 9:30 p.m. in Lebanon, Ohio, according to police there. He had been held at gunpoint, police said. Lebanon is about 25 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

The two suspects got out of the car at in intersection and were picked up by another vehicle in Ohio, Katherine LaCommare said.

They are still at large.

LaCommare is in good health and police are doing forensic tests on his car, his wife said.

"He's safe and sound and at the police station and he's perfectly fine," she said. "He's unharmed physically, but psychologically a little traumatized."

Katherine LaCommare is not sure when her husband will be home, but said he is not alone in Ohio -- his brother, Robert, lives in Columbus.

The incident is being treated as a criminal case, said Sean Biggins of the Quincy police. Weymouth is about 10 miles south of Boston and Quincy is just south of Boston.

"It's been a long day," Mrs. LaCommare said.

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