Hybrid Cars

Fuel-efficient cars are taking the nation by storm! And why not - hybrid owners enjoy great gas mileage, cut pollution and earn a tax break.

Hybrids Save Gas and Cash: Hybrids get terrific gas mileage by using cutting-edge technologies and designs.

Hybrids are Environmentally Friendly: Hybrid technologies reduce polluting emissions, including greenhouse gases. So choosing to drive a hybrid helps combat global warming and cuts air pollution, as well as helping break America's dependence on foreign oil.

Cha-Ching! Hybrid Owners Get a Tax Break: Even politicians on Capitol Hill are learning that hybrid cars are good for the nation. Federal tax credits on hybrids are available until 2010. The amount will vary to coincide to your car's level of fuel efficiently. If you pay state taxes, you could have a deduction or tax credit coming on your state return as well!

Hybrids Come in Various Shapes, Sizes with More on the Way: Honda introduced the first hybrid to America in 1999 - the Honda Insight, a two-door hatchback with a 60 miles-per-gallon rating. Today, American consumers can choose from among hybrids in several major classes, and by 2008, 15 hybrid models from ten different car brands will be on the market.