Editorial: Alec Baldwin's Rant

Cleveland, OH - The whole world got an earful of actor Alec Baldwin last week when someone, his estranged wife in all likelihood, released a taped phone message that Baldwin had left for his 12-year-old daughter.

On the tape is a livid Mr. Baldwin expressing to his daughter, in no uncertain terms, that he is unhappy with her habit of not being around to receive his phone calls. Baldwin is in the midst of a legendary custody battle with his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger and the release of the tape was obviously intended to hurt his case.

The tape has provoked a public cry of indignation from almost everyone called upon to comment about it - with many labeling the actors words as nothing short of child abuse. But anyone who has been a father - and those who have unfortunately lived through custody battles might be inclined to cut Alec Baldwin some slack. Even good fathers sometimes say things to their offspring that they later regret and anyone caught up in a domestic battle as vicious and public as this one deserves some sympathy in the absence of any other facts. And, typically, there are not villains in a melodrama like this - only victims.