Editorial: Environmental Phonies

Cleveland, OH - Nowhere is bold-faced hypocrisy on better display these days than the melodramatic antics of Hollywood's celebrity environmentalists. There they are: Clooney, DiCaprio, Madonna, Redford showing up everywhere on magazine covers, at movie premieres, proudly showing off their hybrid automobiles and eager to lecture us on the virtues of going green. Never mind that what is mostly green about them is folded in their alligator wallets.

Come on, Brad Pitt may drive a Prius but that's a gas guzzling private jet he takes on his way to Namibia to pick up Angelina and their latest bundle of joy. And, when they get home, there's a 10,000 square foot energy eating mansion they occupy not a bungalow with solar panels on the roof. Why we even pay attention to these phonies is beyond me although for sheer laughter it would be hard to beat the latest bit of enviro-comedy served up the other day by pop singer Sheryl Crow.

Sheryl has publicly recommended that a limitation be imposed on the amount of toilet paper each person be allowed to use. She recommends just one square per sitting. I have a recommendation for her, too, only I'm afraid it wouldn't be environmentally sound.