Search For Buried Hand Turns Up Nothing

AKRON, Ohio – An admitted serial killer has investigators wondering whether he's a serial liar, 19/43 News reported.

Jason West confessed to authorities that he was the person responsible for numerous murders in a number of different states, including Ohio.

Authorities didn't know if the could believe West, who said that he could prove it to him because he cut off and buried one of his victim's hands in a wooded area in Akron.

After a search on Tuesday, that included digging up the location where West said that his victim's hand was located, investigators said that they are further questioning West's story.

19/43 News' Bill Younkin confronted the suspect on Tuesday, as he was leading police to the location near Hammel Road, where he said that he had buried an Akron prostitute's hand with a ring still on one of her fingers.

Police said that while West has confessed to a string of murders across the country, they have gathered no evidence that he actually killed anyone.