Escapee Wanted For Murder In Ohio Caught Hiding Under Bed

DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - An Ohio man accused of murder who escaped from an Alabama jail was found Wednesday hiding under a bed at his cousin's home.

Jason Elliot, 21, was captured without incident in Decatur after the FBI in Cleveland traced a cell phone call to the residence. Police used dogs and helicopters in the search for Elliot, who escaped from the Morgan County Jail on Monday.

Elliot awaits an extradition hearing in Alabama to determine whether he should be returned to Ohio to face charges he killed a man and shot two other people outside a Cleveland bar in November.

"We're going to try to get him out of here just as soon as we can," sheriff's investigator Terry Kelly said.

A Cuyahoga County grand jury indicted Elliot last month on one count of aggravated murder, two counts of felonious assault and one count of illegally possessing a weapon.

Those charges resulted from a Nov. 2 shooting outside the Larkin Lounge in Cleveland. Elliot was arguing with Quinn Flanagan, 26. Elliot left but then returned with a handgun and opened fire, according to police.

Flanagan was shot in the chest and died an hour later. Two other people were wounded in their legs.

Elliot was placed on the FBI's local Most Wanted List. He was arrested in Alabama on Jan. 19.

Elliot and another inmate were in an exercise yard Monday afternoon when they slipped under a fence and ran into nearby woods. The other inmate was captured moments later. He told police that Elliot planned to steal a car and return to Cleveland, Little said. A third inmate also escaped.

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