Bridge Demolition Not As Easy As It Seems

Cleveland, OH - Problems sparked when crews tried to blow up the Fulton Road Bridge Saturday morning and only a section went down.

Crews stopped the first attempt at demolition right after the one minute warning because they found faulty wiring. The green light was given, and the second attempt only blew up one section, missing the rest.

Third time is the charm, crews have decided to focus on the area of the bridge over the railroad tracks to demolish for the rest of Saturday. The area over the railroad tracks will be blown to bits sometime late Saturday morning because the tracks need to be open and working on Monday. The rest of the explosive wiring covering the bridge is apparently faulty and will not work

Cars and trucks lined I-71 North awaiting the big boom and collapse of a 75 -year-old landmark bridge.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is encouraging spectators to use Brookside Reservation, the demolition was set for 8 a.m. and is delayed for now.

No one will be permitted to enter the Zoo or its parking lots until after the demolition and a declaration that the area is safe. A 1,000-foot perimeter around the Zoo will be patrolled to ensure everyone's safety.

The Zoo's animals will be kept in their night quarters with their keepers nearby to monitor and ensure their safety.