Saturday's NFL Draft: Who Will The Browns Take?

NEW YORK (AP) - Brady Quinn believes the quarterback out of
Notre Dame has everything the NFL seeks in a draft prospect.
Experience. Leadership. Talent. Confidence.

That Quinn happens to be that guy might make him seem boastful,
even arrogant. That perception would be unfair, dead wrong.
Quinn is accurate in his assessment of, well, Quinn.

He spent nearly four full years leading the most storied college
football program in America. Quinn dealt with the glaring spotlight
and pressure well enough to lead the Fighting Irish to two BCS bowl
games - even with little help from a porous defense.

He was coached the last two years by Charlie Weis, who merely
helped turn Tom Brady into a Super Bowl MVP with New England. And
Weis sees some elements of Brady in Quinn.

Such as the accuracy and the strong arm. The willingness to get
after his teammates when he doesn't like what he sees. The
understanding of offenses and defenses.

"He coached me tough," Quinn said. "Coach Weis made me get
prepared regardless of what was going on. He wanted me to set an
example for the team: 'The team depends on you.'

"That toughness helps prepare you for the worst. I know he
toughened me up."

So did attending a difficult school and carrying two majors.
Quinn believes the discipline he learned while at Notre Dame will
be critical in his development as a pro quarterback, regardless of
where it is.

"I look at the time management skills and discipline I needed
to get my football work and my school work done," he said. "They
do a great job helping you stay disciplined. There are no
celebrities walking around on campus. And they push you to do

The knocks on Quinn have been his inability to win big games.
The Irish lost key games against Southern California, Michigan,
Ohio State and LSU, the last two in bowls to finish off his
seasons. He didn't stand out in most of those games, but neither
did his teammates, particularly on defense.

Still, Quinn knows why the arrows of criticism were shot at him.
He just finds them way off-base.

"I wonder if the people who say and write those things have
watched much tape," he said. "If they watched the tape of games,
they'd see what I've done.

"I can really handle constructive criticism. That's no problem
and it helps you get better."

Quinn generally was rated the top quarterback in the draft until
LSU's JaMarcus Russell had a big junior year, capped by the Tigers'
romp over Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. Although many scouts rated
Russell over Quinn in the last few weeks, Quinn still was
considered the only other quarterback worth taking in the first

Quinn hoped to go to an offense where he eventually would have
the freedom to audible, make line calls and fit into an offense
similar to what Weis brought to South Bend.

"I want to be a leader," Quinn said, "the captain of the

But he also emphasized that unlike the recruiting process when a
player is looking for a college, the draft is entirely different.

"You visit and work out for teams and talk to them," he said
with a smile, "and at the end of the day they don't let you forget
they are in control. It's their decision. They're the ones who say,
`We'll be getting back to you.' "